Cost Of Listfilter

? If we run ListFilter for you on our machine, ListFilter costs just 9 cents per day, plus 2 cents for each message that ListFilter moderates. Messages posted to your list that do not pass through ListFilter are not charged.

For example, if 10 messages per day are posted to your list, and ListFilter moderates them all, then in one month it would cost: $0.09 x 30 = $2.70, plus 10 x $0.02 x 30 = $6.00, for a total of $8.70. The cost is the same, regardless of the number of subscribers on your list.

Now suppose you moderated these 30 x 10 = 300 messages manually, spending an average of 1 minute per message. That would be 300 minutes (5 hours) of your time wasted each month. If your time is worth only $5.00 per hour (less than the U.S. Federal minimum wage), that would cost you $25.00 - 3 times the cost of ListFilter. Furthermore, your list would grind to a halt each time you left your computer (to eat, sleep, visit relatives etc.). You'll be much better off with ListFilter!

Alternatively, we will install the complete ListFilter system plus message board on your Windows, Linux or FreeBSD host for just $1495 U.S.

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