ListFilter automatically performs moderation on a mailing list. This eliminates the need for a human moderator, while ensuring that most off-topic or otherwise offensive messages are blocked.

The user of the system will be a mailing list owner (or the owner's assistant). Acceptable messages are forwarded immediately by the system to the user's mailing list for distribution, while any questionable messages are forwarded to the user (the list owner). Since over 95% of the messages are likely to be good ones, the moderator only has to deal with the remaining 5%.

The moderation program runs 24 hours per day, 7 days per week on our server. Message traffic can keep flowing at all times, without the list owner having to constantly check for new messages and forward them to the list.

All messages posted on a given mailing list are assigned a score, based on keywords detected, message size and other measurements. The list owner can tune these measurements to suit his list, and his moderation policy.

The list owner can set the policy, and let the moderation program enforce that policy. The list owner is free to be away from the list for long periods of time, secure in the knowledge that messages are flowing through with little delay, and each one is being checked carefully.

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